Michelle FradellaWith over 14 years of being a Top Producing Realtor in Mississippi, Michelle Fradella-Barfuss can pave the way to your dream home in a beautiful setting at Hide-A-Way Lake, MS. Pinnacle Real Estate Services, LLC is the brain child of Michelle which has helped her overcome the challenges brought about by the wrath of Hurricane Katrina. Her organization plus her talent in helping people get the best for their loved ones have proven priceless in the area of Real Estate and bringing smiles to families and individuals looking for their solace amid all the rudiments of modern-day living.

The transformation of Pinnacle Real Estate Services, LLC into a powerful source of training and information when it comes to leveraging the power of the internet has added more value to her Real Estate Services and has also helped a great number of aspirants to become productive real estate professionals. What once was a vibrant service resource to the people of Pearl River County MS has evolved into a global brand in both Real Estate Services and training.

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The new tools, strategies and techniques spearheaded by Michelle Fradella-Barfuss not only helped put her above her competition but have primarily helped those who seek to settle down and lead a prosperous family life in their new homes in Mississippi and other areas. The innovation that spring forth from technology embedded in Michelle’s training courses have greatly increased the productivity and efficiency of numerous people who have aspired to succeed in the real estate business. HideAWayLakeMS.Com is but a minute example of the countless products of the new techniques that Michelle promotes in her training sessions done for realtors.

HideAWayLakeMS.Com showcases the attractive gated community cared for by responsible individuals within the subdivision. You see almost everything there is to know about Hide-A-Way Lake MS within the pages and posts of this website as well as valuable information seen from the highly-trained eye of experts in the field. The author’s experience and insights are also reflected in a number of sections and posts to help the individual seeking dependable advice in finding property. Information about homes or lots for sale in Mississippi are also featured on HideAWayLakeMS.Com. Feel free to navigate through the site to learn more about Hide-A-Way Lake Carriere, MS or to make use of the elements within the website to communicate with Michelle and the other contributors.

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