Homes and Lots For Sale At HideAWay Lake MS

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Homes and Lots For Sale At HideAWay Lake MS

Homes and lots for sale at Hideaway Lake MS mushroom near the shores of Lake Hideaway in Mississippi. If you are looking for a house and lot for your family and you also like the waterfront, this gated subdivision is the place for you! There are lake front and also off the lake houses and lots available in the area. It is the only gated community in Pearl River County.

Hide-A-Way Lake in Carriere, MS is a popular place for retirees. About 40% of homes in this beautiful subdivision have been owned by the same residents for more than 5 years. There are 740 house and lots in Hideaway Lake MS and close to only 9% of these homes are rented and about 10% of these are not yet occupied.

Hide-A-Way Lake MS Houses and Lots For Sale

You can easily acquire a house and lot at Hide-A-Way Lake in Mississippi by simply talking to a seasoned real estate professional who can guide you and show you how to secure one. You and your family can take a tour in this very secure gated community when accompanied by a Realtor who will show you around.  The private roads inside Hideaway Lake MS is not open to the public and can only be accessed by window decal that are updated as needed or by membership. Real Estate Service professionals such as Michelle Fradella-Barfuss can accompany you within the premises for you to see available homes or lots for sale.

These lovely homes are approximately 1/3-Acre in size and are all beautifully stratified to give you the look and feel that you have always wanted for your dream home.

Hide-A-Way Lake MS Homes

Hide-A-Way Lake LodgeIt is also a refreshing experience to see all the amenities at Hideaway Lake in Carriere, MS. The Hide-A-Way Lake MS Lodge oversees the beach, the massive swimming pool and all the other facilities that are being supervised by the Hide-A-Way Lake Club. You will be able to see two marinas for your boat and there is also a wide space specifically designed to take care of horses in stables that your horse can occupy for only $10 a month.

On either side of the lake are playgrounds and ball parks to house fun utilities for your children and also hold sporting events. Living near the waters is something that a lot of people have dreamed of and is exactly what this blissful location can give you and your family. Hide-A-Way Lake MS Homes are houses and lots that you have always dreamed of.

Take A Tour of Hide-A-Way Lake MS

Contact us today to find out more interesting facts about the houses and lots for sale at Hide-A-Way Lake in Carriere, Mississippi. One of our representatives will be able to show you around for you to experience the feel of Hideaway Lake and guide you through the process of building a home that you will truly love. Dial +1 601-569-0075 or click here to send us a message. See you at the Hide-A-Way Lake MS.